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This blog is dedicated to help preventing internet fraud and internet scams. Scambusters was a radio show I started in Albany Oregon, but due to defaulted payment by the radio station we took the show offline. Regardless of this issue we still wish to help prevent internet fraud and save people from internet loss. I have been interviewed and featured in various publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times & Daily News, The London Times & AARP Newsletters. Please watch this blog for latest tips and tricks and scams to avoid.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Scam Emails : FW: Your Notice by

This email below, turns into the scam below that.

-----Original Message-----
From: Email []
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:32 PM
Subject: Your Notice

Due to our large network of customers...we require assistance on some very
important issues.We are looking for Regional Representative thats: - Very
sharp and a quick learner. - A go-getter and non quitter. - Strong minded
with great communication skills. - Long term friend thats interested in
learning from the company skills and experience. This will be for a part
time job. You will mainly be helping with finance, accounting and recording
of sales and keeping records online. Let me know if you need to know more
about this opportunity... Interested candidate should contact us for further
details about the position.


Dalston Mill Fabrics
69-73 Ridley Road
Dalston, London
E8 3NP

Would you like to work online from home or office and get paid immediately?
Dalston Mill Fabrics was established in 1982. Our company, Dalston Mill
Fabrics has a long history of supplying fabrics for prestigious,
international 5-star hotels such as (The Lanes borough, The Bristol,
Peninsula Beverly Hills, Four Seasons Hotels and Ritz Carlton Hotels).

We have since strive to become a reliable and varied stockist of low cost
and high quality fabric products from all over the World. Our company
Dalston Mill Fabrics, is a company based in United Kingdom, and we are
specialist in textile and fabric materials such as Silk Dupion, Dress net,
Cationic Satin, Silk, Organza, Organza, Sequin, CrepeBack, Satin, Organdy
with Bead, Duchess Satin, Tulle with Sequin, Embroidery, Cationic Yorgo
Chiffon Georgette, Crushed Velor.

The international money transfer tax for legal entities (companies) in U.K
is 25%, whereas for the individual it is only 7%.

There is no sense for us to work this way, while tax for international money
transfer made by a private individual is 7%. That's why we need you! We need
agents to receive payment for our Fabrics order (in Money Orders, Check or
Wire transfers) from our clients in the US and to send the money to our
affiliates via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer. This brings our
quest to employ credible and trustworthy individuals as our representatives
to handle our transactions. Due to high demand and usage of our products in
United States, Canada and United Kingdom and around the world coupled with
our strategies to fit each individual market segment, we are advertising for
the position of representatives within the United States and Canada.

Please indicate if you are interested and reply to (
promptly with the following Requirements:

* 18 years or older
* Must be trustworthy and have the ability to communicate well in English
* Reliable and honest.
* Responsible and have no Criminal Record.
* Ready to work 10-15 Hours Per Week.
* E-mail and internet experience (minimal)

Thanks for your time and anticipation to work with Dalston Mill Fabrics.

Best Regards,
Max Bill
Recruitment Manager.

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