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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nigerian Scam with Japan Address > FW: Future Partner,

Tears well up from this sad story.. (not really) but still another scam,
that of course we never responded to, even though they said "Thanks for my
prompt response"

Not sure about the Yahoo Japan reroute on the email address, but regardless
on of the most common scams and easy to avoid, just delete it if you get

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 10:45 AM
Subject: Future Partner,

My dear Future Partner,
Many thanks for your prompt response to my message, I appreciate your kind
gesture to find time to give reponse to my message to you.

It is my pleasure to send you this details of my life for a sincere
relationship and for the fact that i am in need of your commit zeal to help
me on this important matter. I hope you will honour my mail and reply with
your kindness, may almighty be with you Amen!.

I will bigin by introducing myself to you, My name is miss Stella Dennis,
and my father's name is Dr.Rosen Dennis. I studiaded Medicine but was a fact
that my father died it became a drop out. I am here today in Ivory Coast
because of the problem i explained bellow;

My father died and left me and mother with inheritance worth $7,000.000.00
Us dollars (SEVEEN MILLION DOLLARS)and this eastate is deposited with the
Security Company here in Ivory Coast before my late father was called to his
glory of almighty God with untimely death.

Though i have not meet with you before this introduction neither you know
me, but i believe that; In this, one has to risk confiding in suceed
sometimes in life.
The death of my late father gave my mother seriouse intentive Illness and
she died in few months after my late father's death. I live in the house of
our great grand Mother in Sierra Leone our home country before i decided to
come over to Ivory Coast to seek the release of my deposit inheritance in
the Security Company Custody. But my problem is that I need the assistance
of a reliable and reponsible person in your country to assist me retrive
this consignment fund safely to invest the money in your country under a
mutual agreement without the concept of my father's relative or any third

I wanted to do this clearance outside the concept of my uncle because 1st i
am warned me not to trust him or any of the family members because the death
of my late father lays on his fortune and it is Masterminded to them and
they may also kill me according to the warning my mother gave before she
gave up in life.

I have the great pleasure in confing this matter to you for the help if you
can honour my mail as i honour you and give me your Sincere Love and
Kindness to me regarding my request and myself.

I can send you the Proves of this Consignment if you promise to help me
Sincerely in Your Heart and that you will take good care of me whenever i
get married to you or not. But my Comming to your country will be after the
Transfer of our Consignment Fund to your country is successfully or anyhow
you decided to assist me on that. Please help me because my heart feel good
with you and i want to be your Future Partner, for better.

Yours Faithfully,
Miss. Stella Dennis.

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