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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nigerian Scam > >: Keep Me Informed

A clear and common scam, maybe a bit better written then most, but still clearly and 100% a true scam. Regardless there are still clear typos and context issues that would scream out to everyone that this email is not written by an attorney.

Please remember people, there is no free money out there, avoid these scams.

From: Frank Dean []
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 2:33 PM
Subject: Keep Me Informed

Dean & William Chambers,
Branch office 34 Queen Charlotte Street
Bristol BS1 4HJ United Kingdom
Tell: +447035904370

Greetings my dear friend,

How are you today?I have long expected a responds from you considering my earlier email to your personality before this last one, Please my dear friend I know this email has come to you again as a surprise, considering that we don't know each other and I must apologize for any embarrassment this might cause you.i got your contact on the email directory, but I took some factors into consideration before arriving at the decision to contact you which you will find out as you read on.

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Barr. Frank Dean from london, the personal lawyer to Late Mrs. Juliet wilford,my self is married to my dear wife Mrs.Claire Dean and am blessed with two good-looking kids (Maryann and George dean)also i am an attorney at law with an International accredited law Firm Based in London( Dean & William Chambers Ltd).My service covers individuals, corporate bodies and institutions.

I confidently wish to engage in a trustworthy interest with you.On the 21st of April 1998, my late client Mrs.Juliet Wilford who declared her individuality to be a National of your Country as a result of decision was involved in a car accident and unfortunately for her she lost her valued life.she lived most of her lifetime and was resident in London before her demise, due she was not married.

My Late client had an account with a bank in UK valued about 4.5million Pounds sterling. Presently the Finance Vault (Bank) management has issued me as the personal attorney to the deceased with a notice to contact the relatives to come up for the claim of the money left behind by the late sister hence it has been a long time their sister died and Consequently after some years if no next of kin come up for the claim the account will be declared sequester and the fund diverted to the Bank Treasury Department as unclaimed inheritance.

I have been unsuccessful in my numerous efforts to search out anyone related to my late client,all has proved abortive and since i have been the personal lawyer to late Juliet spanning for a period of fifteen years, according to my late client, she told me she was raised up from an orphanage home, having been abandoned by her mother at birth.With this regard nowadays, I am urgently in need of a trustworthy individual from your country to present to the bank as the late client distant relative which the inheritance funds will be transferred to without any further Inconveniences hence the reason for contacting you .though the deceased client declared her individuality to be a National of your Country as a result of decision.

My dear good friend unfortunately the deceased left no record of any relative in my file, this entitles the claim as a relative and under the existing law here the Surviving relatives of the deceased by extension of family lineage becomes the benefactor which to the best of every knowledge is non-existing considering her background as an orphan and the management of the Bank insisted they will only release the fund to the deceased relatives by extension of family lineage.

I wish to solicit for your co-operation in assisting secure the fund by permitting me to present you to the bank and the proceed of this money can be transferred into your nominated account without no further delay, subsequently to be shared among us only on your acceptance to be honest and trustworthy. I am very very optimistic that it would workout if you follow my directives, which I will brief you upon your response.

Furthermore, all i require is your honesty and Confidentiality in co-operating and the transaction will excel. I Swear and guarantee that this will be executed through a genuine/officially recognized arrangement. I must inform and assure you that there is practically no risk involved in this transaction; It's going to be a bank-to-bank transfer so as to avoid any travel costs. The transaction in question is legitimate, all the Legal documents to back up your Claim as my late Client's distant relative as the personal lawyer to the deceased i shall provide them. If this business Proposition offends your Moral Ethics, please do accept my sincere apology, thus it is our genuine opportunity to make money. I Swear and Guarantee that all will be well after every thing.

I look forward to hearing from you immediately,PLEASE ENSURE YOU REPLY ME ON MY FOLLOWING PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS:


Barr.Frank Dean

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