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Friday, May 09, 2008

Royal PITA Scammers = Green Tree (Warehousing) Ltd.

I have never been so frustrated with a company that scams people more than I am with Green Tree (Warehousing) Ltd. This company (if they are indeed a company) are brutal, they have spammed my mailbox with over 84 emails in the last 3-weeks trying to get me to "Take a job" which is clearly and obviously a well documented scam.

They even have a bogus website that makes them seem legit. It is scams like this that is most dangerous as they make it seem real, authentic and most scary... profitable.

They can easily trap people because of their website, the fact they talk about business meetings, advancement, management positions and more "biz" concepts. Their website is of fair quality and can easily confuse people into being ripped off.

Their website has changed domain names / urls about 4 times in the last two months because their hosts keep shutting them down, for now they are at Please feel free to view their garbage while they are still online, but please do not fall for this complete scam / rip off.

Their domains move so fast it is hard to find out who is behind these sites, the whois is only showing reserved for now... but by the time you read this, more info may be available.

Their scam is common, you receive a payment, deposit it, wire the money less your commission and then you wait for your bank to tell you the checks / payments are fake.

You will be on the hook for 100% of the payment to your bank which could easily be in the 10's of thousands.


bobbear said...

If you receive any Green Tree (Warehousing) Ltd spam that uses domains not listed on then please do let him know of them

Anonymous said...

How do I make this stop???? These emails are showing up in my mailbox every day, sometimes up to three times a day. I'm fully aware that it's a scam, but haven't a clue how to make it stop. Any suggestions? Or do I just have to live with it and keep deleting?