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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Classic overpayment scam for antique car / wire fraud.

Sent to me from a friend, this is a classic overpayment scam, they buy an item for X number of dollars, send you a cashiers check (fake) for 2x the amount, ask you to cash it and wire the difference to someone (themselves) for whatever bogus reason. You lose the money you wired and are also on the hook for 100% plus fees to your bank.

This one tries to make it seem "nice" but using words like Reverend and Evangelical to make it seem OK.

I love this line "Right now am on a business trip in England , but i based in Seattle WA ."


From: barry douglas []
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:10 PM
To: (removed)

Dial the phone number this way(011)44-703-197-0107

Thanks for the frequent response in this transaction. After proper
evaluation of your vehicle, my client has accepted your price
and the vehicle payment will be sent to you as soon as possible;
my client said that the funds will be in form of a certified cashier's check of
$5,000usd, which will cover all the expenses that concerns this transaction.
He instructed that when the payment get to you, that you are to cash it
right away and deduct the cost of your vehicle which is $2,195usd then
send the remaining $2,805usd to the shipping/pickup agent, their information
will be forwarded to you on the receipt of payment. They will use these
funds to settle all the expenses that concerns the transportation of the
vehicle from the present location to my client place which is Montreal
Canada and also as their payment for the services they are to render in this transaction.
After payment has reached you and balance sent to shipper, the shipper's agent
will come for inspection with a copy of the BILL OF SALE for the pickup
(of vehicle & signing of title papers) and
drive to a prepaid shipper to be shipped to my (client) and also conclude other necessary shipping arrangements.
NB;Before Pastor, David (my client) traveled to Rome today for Evangelical
purposes, he explained to me that why the funds will be on the above amount $5,000usd is because its a donation made by one Christian organization to the church so the
church members now decided to purchase this your vehicle with the money for him.
So this is how we intend completing this transaction smoothly.
In conclusion if it's acceptable to you, forward to me the following below
payment information's for us to proceed with the transaction immediately.


My Client's information:
Rev.Pastor David Douglas
Church of St Cuthbert, St Hilda and St Luke
6341 rue de Lorimier
Montréal, QC H2G 2P5

This is my information:
Name: Barry Douglas

My UK Phone number: +44-703-197-0107
(dial the number as its and you will reach me immediately).
Right now am on a business trip in England ,
but i based in Seattle WA .

I hope hearing from you today with the required payment information.
Thank you and God bless you


Anonymous said...

This one is going on right now. July 08. They will even call you and the whole nine yards. A bunch of BS. They wanted me to wire $5000.00. They even will send you a check. I was selling my car for $45,000.00. They sent me a check for $50,000.00 to help them with transportation "fees" etc. Realize that we spoke on the phone 2-3 times. We also emailed back and forth quite a few times. once they send you the check...and you deposit it...they will pressure you with emails to send the $5000.00 to their transportation agents. I told them no way...not until the check clears. I knew this was BS at this point and I just found this website. I didn't lose any money and of course still have my car...but people do fall for this

Anonymous said...

Love this one too.
Tell them you have to call the bank to verify the check and account and call the name on the check then see what they say in reply, Ha Ha