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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Extreme MotorSports SCAM - Pump & Dump

Classic Pump & Dump we have spoke about many times. Emails go to millions trying to get people to bid on a penny stock. The OP owns 10's of thous if not millions of shares, hopes people bite and buy, the price rises, he sells out and the stock crashes to zero. Not only a scam, but illegal.


Rising Star Stock report.

Add Extreme MotorSports To you Radar
Tick: EMOC
This stock is flying under the eyes of the wall street hounds after some stunning PR

About the Company
Xtreme Motorsports is a publicly traded corporation, traded on the pinksheet level of the stock market. Xtreme Motorsports was formally known as CM Custom. CM Custom was opened in 1983. Throughout the last 20+ years, the McCaa family has been building sandrails and off road vehicles. Xtreme Motorsports has stepped outside the box when it comes to sandcars and sandcar manufacturing to make the sport of sand duning available to all despite their budget.

Their latest PR confirms what we have believed in for a long time

- Extreme Motorsports Quotations Department Goes Crazy!
Monday May 5, 8:00 am ET

Despite the shorts the company is holding itself and its only a matter of time before the big boys come in to play

This is an easy 300% or more profit company.

Get in before everyone is in the know

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