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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nigerian Scam from Nana Mensah

Very typical Nigerian Scam, easy to avoid by remembering that no one is contacting you by email, phone or smoke signals or any other method to give you 30% of millions of dollars they are hiding in an account.


From:Nana Mensah.
The Manager Standard Chartered Bank,
First Light Branch
Accra Ghana.


I got your contact during my search for a reliable, honest and a
trustworthy person to entrust this huge transfer project with.
My name is Mr.Nana Mensah. I am the manager of the Standard Chartered
Bank, First Light Branch, Accra Ghana . I am a Ghanaian, married with
two kids.

I am writing to solicit for your assistance in the transfer of funds
valued at $5,620,000.00 (five million six hundred and twenty thousand
United States Dollars.)

This fund is the excess of what my branch in which I am the Manager
made as profit during the last annual audition. I have already
submitted an approved end of the year report for the year 2007 to my
head office in Accra here and they will never know of this excess. I
have since then, placed this amount of value $5,620,000.00 USD in a
suspense escrow account without a beneficiary.

As an officer of the bank, I cannot directly be connected to this
money thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to receive
this Money into your bank account. I intend to part 30% of this fund
to you as compensation while 70% shall be for me. I do stress that
there are practically no risk involved in this. It is going to be a
bank- to -bank transfer. All I need from is to stand as the original
depositor of the fund.

If you accept this offer, I will appreciate your timely response.

Yours Sincerely,
Nana Mensah.

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