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This blog is dedicated to help preventing internet fraud and internet scams. Scambusters was a radio show I started in Albany Oregon, but due to defaulted payment by the radio station we took the show offline. Regardless of this issue we still wish to help prevent internet fraud and save people from internet loss. I have been interviewed and featured in various publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times & Daily News, The London Times & AARP Newsletters. Please watch this blog for latest tips and tricks and scams to avoid.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

PayPal Phish, Fake Email, Phish, Fraud

As mentioned dozens of times PayPal if sending you an email will have your info, name, account info and more. If you ever think there is an issue with your PayPal account, go to and login to PayPal from their website and if there is an issue there will be a notice when you login. Never click on links from bad emails like the one below. Links removed for safety.

Besides all of the above, PayPal does not "regularly screen activity in the
Pay Pal system"


from Pay|Pal []

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the
Pay Pal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding
your account.

For your protection, we have limited access to your account until
additional security measures can be completed. We apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.

To review your account and some or all of the information that PayPal
used to make its decision to limit your account access, please visit the
Resolution Center.
Resolution Center: Your account access has been limited.
Click here to resolve the problem.

PayPal Email ID: PP 543

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