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Saturday, August 16, 2008

AMS Group Co - Money & Job Scam

Dear Mr / Mrs __________nobody? I love people come to you (unnamed) people, with great job offers to make money. Supposedly MULTI MILLION DOLLAR companies need you to negoitate and make deals and process funds on their behalf. Any Yahoo with a checking account could make them millions. If a trained guppie answered their email the spam / fraud would come back the same. There are no work from home get fast free money jobs with the exception of the person creating these scams.


Dear Mr/Mrs,
The " AMS Group Co.", an international advertising agency, is looking for full-time company representatives all over the USA.

The position name is purchase agent, available in all states.
The function of this role is to organize purchase activity of company, coordinate all projects, control all phases of the work with suppliers from the pick up to Contract Award in compliance with Company requirements.
Your duties will include the selection of suppliers, making of contracts, coordination of work with suppliers, scheduling the transportation, tracing the shipment and checking up the payment to suppliers.

You will have to keep in touch with supplier's attorneys, accountants and handle other administrative duties.

Salary: $95,000/year

Position requirements:

- Undergraduate degree required;
- Credit score not less then 650 (Will be checked through credit bureau);
- Computer knowledge of order processing;
- Skills in marketing activities, sales and promotion;
- Knowledge and experience in international export documentation and procedures;
- Ability to state clearly (compose detailed analytical documents);
- Ability to promptly handle multiple detailed tasks simultaneously;
- Strong organizational skills, time and stress management skills;
- Leadership abilities;
- Responsibility.

If interested, please forward your resume to or request further details.

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