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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mrs Rafi Kouyate Nigerian Scam

Typical Nigerian Scam, if you don't know what a Nigerian Scam is by now, read the other 100 posted below / archived.


From Mrs Rafi Kouyate.

I am Mrs Rafiatou Kouyate from sierra leon, the only wife to Mr Abubarkar Kouyate, from Cote D' Ivoire.My Husband was a highly reputable business man (a coacoa merchant) he operated in the capital city of Ivory coast during his days.He later died in the Plane Crash during his business trip to Benin.

Before his sudden death,he have money to the tune of Twelve Million, United State Dollars.(USD$ left in a Trust company which he propossed using for a foreign business transaction.The pressure from my deceased husband's family for his inheritance has made me to move out from the family house for solution.My husband deposited this money and no name was given to them as the beneficiary. They are therefore asking me as the only wife to the depositor,to forward to them the name of the Beneficiary of this deposited Trunk Box before they could release it to me.

The Mettalic Package Containing this Money, that was deposited in the Security & Delivery company here in Cote D'ivoire was Registered as Rafi's Valuables.

This means that the company does not know that the content of this Package, that was deposited in their custody is money.I am therefore,presently seeking for assistance in this purpose.I am interested to invest this fund with your company in your country . kindly forward all your companys activities to me for immediate decission on the investment program,before I will make your name available to the security Company as my late husband's partner/Beneficiary who is to recieve the Rafi's Valuables.

Anticipating your immediate Best regards, Mrs Rafiatou Kouyate.

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