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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A recommendation from a friend (Nigerian Scam)

Common Nigerian Scam with a minor twist. It only provides a link to "proof" of an accident to help convince you it is real. However anyone can provide proof to any accident or disaster, like a tornado, hurricane, flood or crash, however that of course show no true association with that event.

Always avoid any email asking you for information and/or offering you "free" money. Money is never free and they will require money up front from you "wired" before you receive anything, and of course that money will never come.


Hello Friend

Good Day, Sorry if this mail Might Cost you anything I am writing you this mail with honesty, trust and Confidence, My Name is Williams Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu a first year Student of University of Lagon in Accra Ghana I am 20years Old, Sir I am the Son of the Late Ghana Minister of Finance Mr. Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu who Died on the 25th September 2008. Find here is the Website: (

I am now hiding in nearby Country between Ghana and Burkina-Faso why because my uncle is trying to kill me at all cost and take over my Fathers properties and my inheritance please you have to help me get out of this Town, My Father Deposited ($20,000,000.00) twenty Million Dollars with a Security Company in London which they are waiting for me to produce beneficially that will receive the Fund from the Diplomat, They will Deliver to you at your Door Step as soon as I provide you as the Beneficially. all I want you to do is for you to Stand as my Beneficially so that the Diplomat will deliver this Fund to you for me to leave Africa before my Uncle Finds me were I am Hiding because he has all the Contact that it may take to catch me in Ghana, please help me for me not to die I am only a boy of 20yrs, This My Uncle has all the Connection even in the Government and all the lawyers in Ghana, please don’t inform anybody about this Transaction or my way about or less I will be death Just for you to know how serious this is.

Note: I have all the information and the Contact of the Security Company in London and I have the entire Document that it may take for the Fund to be delivered to you in your Country, it is because of this Information that my Uncle is looking for me, I will send you the Certificate of Deposit and the Agreement that my Father Reach with The Security/Diplomatic Company as soon as I hear from you and I am willing to give you 35% of the total money for your help 5% for your time, Calls and Expenses while you invest the rest of the money for me and I will continue my Education in your Country.
Sir I will like you to Forward me you Contact Details and telephone Number so that I will call you for us to talk more and also get back to me if there is any question.

Williams Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu

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