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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Colby Group Work From Home Scam / Money Transfer

Work from home scam, fake checks you deposit, wire the balance back to nigeria or another country and then the checks bounce after 7-10 days and you're left holding the bag.

  1. Reply to: Colby Group
  2. Phone seems to be a toss away mobile phone 703-563-6314
  3. Commonwealth of Virginia is the 703 Area Code
  4. Area code does not match the city they are claiming they are from
  5. The real Colby Group is not involved with this in any way.

Dear Craig Solomon,we have received your resume and your skills, experience and education are a
good match for our current needs, please read our proposition.
At Colby Group we work hard and are rewarded for it. Joining our team
is not just a job, but also a chance to further your career skills and learn new
ones in the process. Our team looks forward to hearing from you soon.
Company Background - Established in Southwest Virginia in 1986 by Nick
McVeight Colby Solutions Group provides experienced resources for your business - full service payroll,
benefits, HR and business solutions. Our team anticipates, troubleshoots and then designs solutions for your administrative challenges.

Our personal care and attention to our client's needs makes us different. Our team's extensive knowledge allows us to determine the best solutions for your business.
Our combined purchasing power and expert administrative solutions has saved our client's thousands of dollars annually. Our services allow our clients to have the time,
energy and resources to focus on increasing their company's bottom line. The result is greater productivity and profits.


Thank you for your interest in the Representative Manager position. We are
currently seeking highly interested individuals for this position Nationwide –
USA. This is a part-time/full time position with excellent opportunities.


A Representative Manager is a full-time/part-time position, demands 2-4 hours per day and
mostly home-based position. This position requires you to work closely with
Senior Manager, or other management staff to provide executive support in
processing banking transactions to complete client’s payments and
transactions. This is mainly accomplished by banking in the branch – banking
by phone and online is sometimes an option. With branches across USA and one of
the largest banking networks in the world, you will always have quick and
convenient access to your accounts and wide array of banking services.

A Representative Manager needs executive skills to carry out the daily banking functions. Senior Managers
rely on the Representative Managers to make the best of their time by dealing
with bank branch and money transfer services, secretarial and administrative
tasks – integrity is a trait that is highly valued within the company.

In Branch Services:

Open a new account to receive and process transfers into the account from
clients. Every week our Managers will contact you in the case that our USA
client has no ability to send payment to one of our offices - you should send money from your branch.

Withdraw the amount needed to send to the client from the bank branch, and send
the funds to client using a traditional transfer system (Western Union, Money
Gram, Online transfer options, and other options available). After transfer is
completed, email Senior Manager the transfer details given in the transaction
within the given time period allowed in the email.


This position is based on a salary and commission bonus structure. The commission is 8 percents
or every transaction completed on a daily basis (transfers etc), and the weekly salary is 1000 USD weekly.

Weekly Salary Example: [2000 USD received in bank account from client]
subtract 8 commission [160 USD] – therefore, and send 1840 to client as requested
in email from Manager. 3 transfers per week=480 USD commission + 1000 salary per week.

The Weekly commission ranges from [500-3000] for a typical Representative Manager.
The salary of 1000 USD weekly is in addition to the commission received, and
will be processed by direct deposit into your bank account provided to the Senior Manager.

Miner Solutions rule is providing one client’s payment for one account per day – this allows us to be free of additional taxes.

-Working hours are generally from [9:00 AM – 12:00 AM], 2-4 days per week,
with flexibility possible is coordinated with management. Longer hours may be
required, depending on current deadlines and workload.
-The position requires the individual to have Internet access and Cell Phone to
carry out transactions on a daily basis. The Email account should be checked
regularly in the time frame that is assigned to work within the week.
-A Bank Account is required, to complete the Representative Manager’s
transactions on a daily basis. Your successful promotion depends on your bank
-Jobs are available in most areas of the country, the majority in large towns
or cities.
-Career breaks are possible, but as with any profession, if you are considering
re-entry you must keep up to date with development with the company and
-It is estimated that the majority of the 41 percents Service Representatives are female, and
this trend is rising. The typical age range for this position: 20-70 years.
-Opportunities to travel and work abroad will be determined by the nature of
the duties.

If you think you have what it takes to join our highly skilled team we encourage you to apply today!

Colby Group has a great team and wants you to help us in continuing to make our team stronger
and more effective. We are currently working on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central America.

Your Application Form online, send it to our email, SUBJECT: Application - Representative

*Full Name:

*Birth Date:


*City, State, Zip:

*Home Phone:

*Cell Phone:


Short Essay about yourself (200 characters max.)

Send this short application to our email and a Manager should contact you shortly.
Sincerely Nick McVeigh, co-owner Colby Solutions Group
181 Tech Dr., Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Phone/fax: +1(703)5636314
Colby Group Solutions - makes the difference!

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