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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mr James C. Brown - Internet Money - Invesment Email Scam

ecumbrances = encumbrances, but otherwise not a bad email. Totally fake / fraud, but otherwise not bad. Can't figure what method they will use to ask for money, as if he has the funds, he won't need money for a flight, so unsure, but still am positive that it is fraud.

email came from


I will make necessary arrangement to come over to meet you with some large sum of money for an investment into any viable business you can handle.

The money if of clean origin and is free from liens and all ecumbrances.

I will be flying in few days as soon as i hear from you.

However, I do not know any investor or conditions of investing huge money overseas . I am also worried with so many things such as tax, and security of the funds , your capablities to handle such large sum of money.

I am thinking of the best place to invest money in this period of Economic down turn without loosing my money.

Could you asist me, please indicate your interest to work with me for this purpose? Let me know the area of business you can handle and how to avoid huge taxes on the funds by your government.

Although, I am in need of your response to this arrangement to enable me find out the situation regarding the amount someone can bring into the country.

Please get back to me as soon as possible for us to discuss further.

Please note that i must compensate you for your effort towards getting a reliable business where i can invest the money.

Mr James .C. Brown

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