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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Senator Ahmed Bello Petroleum Technology Development Internet Email Fraud

Hurts too much to read this email!



Dear Sir,

My name is Senator. Ahmed Bello, chairman ad-hoc committee for the investigation of gross mis-application, mis-appropriation and embezzlement of Petroleum Technology Development funds (PTDF) created for the financing of contracts and other projects. After six months of thorough investigations our findings were perfect, painstaking and sustained.Between 2001-06 various contracts were awarded to both foreign and local contractors, duly approved by the presidency.

Our committee found as fact that: 1. On July 16, 2003, the sum of USDA500million was placed by the PTDF with Trans Atlantic Bank(TIB).2. On December 24, 2004, the sum of USDA70 million was placed by the PTDF with the African Development Bank(ADB).3. On October 20, 2007 TIB advanced a loan of USDA400million to NDTV, a business concern promoted by a local businessman, Otunba Fasawe.4. On October 22, 2003, TIB again advanced a loan of USDA96.8million to Mofas shipping company, another business concern promoted by Otunba Fasawe.5. On October 23, 2003, TIB advanced a loan of USDA330 million to Transvari services limited, a business concern promoted by an American, Johnson Hilton .

These funds were grossly mis-applicated and mis-appropriated by a top Government officials in the presidency(names with-held for security reasons) and his collaborators of which Otunba Fasawe happens to be one of them.

Though some contractors were paid for contracts executed from the USDA500 million placed in the TIB, while some are yet to be paid. The USDA250 million placed in the ADB, accrued to no contractor, but simply kept so that it could end up in the private pockets of this top Government officials and his collaborators whom are all under our investigation and they all denied the knowledge of this funds.

Viewing this as a time of opportunity, i and two members of the committee have decided to keep the knowledge and existence of this funds to ourselves, but have revealed it to you based on the premise that you will keep it to yourself and not reveal it to someone else in order not to scuttle our careful scheming and planning thus far.

With the powers conferred on this committee, we have decided with your consent to forward your names through official protocol to the ADB as the rightful beneficiary to this funds(USDA250million) upon which it shall be transferred to your bank account abroad. At this juncture i seek your honest and sincere co-operation before i forward your names to the bank by you providing the following as contained below:

1. Your full names,2. Nationality,3. Home address,4. Telephone number,5. Date of birth,6. Profession. If eventually we succeed in getting this funds transferred to your bank account, we shall be traveling down to your country to pick our own share of the funds and proceed to preferred destinations abroad.

Be informed, top most secrecy must be observed through out this transaction for security reasons.

The agreed sharing ratio goes thus 70% for me and my colleagues, 25% for you and 5% for expenses incurred during the course of this transaction. Note that all risk involvement were carefully taken care of before contacting you and only your matured co-operation and honesty will help us to attain our set objective, i can also be contacted through my email.

I anticipate your earnest response.

Yours faithfully,

Senator.Ahmed Bello

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