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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Employment Scam - Online Accounts Clerk -

Common scam with many different outcomes, anything from being arrested for wire or credit card fraud, to being bankrupt because your assets are drained.  The only less than getting arrested that could happen is when you start forwarding on cash, you find that the checks and money orders were all fake or generated on stolen credit cards and you only lose a few thousand dollars from having to pay back your bank. 

There are no positive outcomes from this.  I have heard of people trying to swindle the scammers, however it does not work, as the first time you try to twist this around, you may already be committing a crime by accepting stolen or forged documents.

Run far, run fast.


2010/10/26 MR JOHN { EMPLOYMENT } <>
Employment Confirmation .

Dear Work's.

We are in searching for an Online Accounts Clerk. Salary payment will be taking bi-week or a month, and you will be at least working 5days a week.No Selling or Marketing or commission.No registration or sign up fee.Work from home.Responsibilities: Printing Payroll / Mailing out Payroll to customers and staffs Making out and Receiving payments Attending contract seminars on the company's behalf.

Any other related duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Accountant. UPS, FEDEX, OR DHL Let me know if you have all the Corrie service outlet around you.things will work out fine and we can start this any moment from now all depend on you...Requirements:A high school or diploma, preferably with courses in Accounting,Mathematics and Computer applications, with none or one year work experience;Should be self-motivated, committed and possess good communication Skills: Computer literate in Microsoft Office Experienced in working with money.

We need someone that can spend at least 4hours on computer with the work coordinator everyday.Extensive experience in dealing with the public.Let me know if you have any office printer in your reply ok

Below are the materials you will buy to start printing Payroll and mail out to our clients.( Versa Check Silver Software 2008 ) Business Checks Paper, Envelopes) m300 printer that is if you don't have a is provided how to operate the materials once you have bought it.whatever you spend to buy the materials is also refundable once you have start working.

We have 2 method of payment either Western Union or Money Gram.just let me know in your reply the payment method you like.and this jobs pay $400/500- month plus some allowance.NB: Compensation and monthly allowance are been allocated to staffs that puts in there best abilities when performing there jobs. I 'll look forward to hear from you soon.

Below are the questions i have for you:
will you tell us a little about your accommodation?
we you be able to handle this job and start printing and mailing out?
who will be helping you in doing this or you will be doing it alone?
is any of this corrie UPS, FEDEX, OR DHL around you?

If you are an interested applicant forward your resume/ CV to (  )

Best Of Regards.

Mr Joe Tyroll

Co address,
Lai Chi Kok MTR Station Exit B1, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Unit 01, 2/F., Block A,
Wing Kut Industrial Building,
Nos. 68 Castle Peak Road,
Lai Chi Kok,Kowloon,HK  :
Tel/Fax No.: (852) 23112343

Employment Notification... Apply Now ... !

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