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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SCAM > Akc Registered Yorkie Puppy Up For Adoption!!!

Nothing gets me more angry then scams that pray on tearing your hearts out over children, poor, elderly, or animals and this is the later kind. 

Common Puppy scam, you need to wire money to have the puppy shipped via carrier to you, or for vet bills, shots, etc..   How many people are invited via anonymous email to get a puppy, the thought is preposterous. 

Also listen to how "she" describes herself as a "Dr" Monique Bells and I am a consultant gynecologist surgeon and oncologist doctor...  Have you ever seen such a misuse of a title or job?  She even used the fact she "consults" so you can't call the real hospital or medical office to check on her.

I am not sure what is more bizarre that a "Dr" can't find someone local to give an AKC Registered Yorkie to, but that she is is saying she is a "gynecologist surgeon and oncologist doctor"  Really, she delivers babies, fixes "lady parts" and cures cancer, no wonder she has no time for a puppy.

This email below is so full of holes I can't begin to go into them all, it would be whole essay on scams. 

Etc...etc...  bad badly written scam.

From    Monique Bells <>
date    Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 8:13 AM
subject    Akc Registered Yorkie Puppy Up For Adoption!!!


How are you today? I hope this e-mail reaches you in a good mood. My name is
Monique Bells and I am a consultant gynecologist surgeon and oncologist
doctor, I work for different prominent hospitals, my husband and I are
giving out this little puppy for free adoption. This little girl weighs
1.3Lbs at 9 weeks old & should be 3Lbs when full grown only.
She is very friendly with children she fits in both palms of your hands.
She is an AKC/CERF registered puppy, adorable and and sociable with
a great personality and very good bloodlines.

She is vet-checked, up to date on shots and deforming, and her health is
guaranteed. She was recently checked by a licensed Vet Doctor for heart,
knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes problems and there is no sign of any
problem. Bottom and straight sides are tender and shots are given up to date.

She will come along with a travel crate, AKC/CERF Registered Papers, Toys and
Food with her birth certificate, I used to reside in California with
my husband but after my son's death. My husband and I moved to Africa due
to our work and we have the puppy right here with us. You have to promise
me that you will take good care of her as she will be a new family member
. Please, if you are not going to take good care of the puppy, do not reply this e-mail.

If you are going to take good care of her, kindly reply for more details about
her. I await your urgent Response.

Thanks & God Bless,
Monique Bells.

1 comment:

spiesche said...

In short? Anyone wanting less than $500 for a Yorkie is a scammer. No ONE just GIVES away a dog for the flight fee. Also, tell them you want the dog to fly Delta airlines........because you can pay AFTER the dog reaches your destination. If they refuse that, then tell them you will pay through paypal........they will also give you a number to call thats suppose to be a "pet carrier service".......or they call you!