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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SCAM > Scam Victim Compensation Unit /

Crazy JUNK Scam Day....  all garbage, one worse than the other, all junk.  I would think the Desk of the Governor would use Spell Check even if English is not a 1st language.

Mind you, this scamms are not being perpetuated
from unnessary stoppage

At least they are only asking for $80

Don't fall for it.


From: Scam Victim Compensation Unit <>
Date: 2011/2/19
Subject: Scam Victim Compensation Notice

From the Desk of Governor,
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
Central Business District,
Cad astral Zone, Federal Capital Territory,
P.O Box 72359 Abuja,
18th Feb., 2011.
Attn Beneficiary:
Good to write you this email, let me start by introducing myself; Am Dr Lamido B. Sanusi the newly appointed CBN Governor who is really working hard to combat  Internet crimes. Mind you, this scamms are not being perpetuated by the Nigerians alone, but the world all over and that is why we are really working had to get to exempt our country's name by compensating all victims of such evil act traced to our citizens.

In addition, you will agree with me that these evil doers are at work again, this time using the ATM card to scam people out of there money, so you are warned to end all dealings with them  immediately.
However, I want you to know that we've been given a Guideline on how to curb this recent strategy as I have summoned (Robert S.Mueller)The Federal Bureau Investigation Director (FBI). In the course of our discussion, the Director provided us with verifiable guidelines and steps to follow in ensuring legal disbursement of your compensation fund to the victims.
Lots of messages have started coming in from Scam victims and we have started looking into it but due processes must be followed, necessary document and Proofs must be tendered with evidence, so you have to provide us with your full details as we already have it here but you have to re-confirm it back to our office and note that all the Document that you are giving must be Scan and sent to us so that we can get to trace and look into it.
It you to know that the office of the Presidency approved a compensation fund of (USD $1,000,000) which must be disbursed to beneficiaries through a Certified Bank Draft duly drawn on the Bank of America. The FBI have solicited that the delivery company must be the America Postal Service Company in other to prevent the Draft from unnessary stoppage. This delivery process carries a Charges of $80. Also no fees would be deducted from the fund as all is already in the Bank Drafts written.
So you are advice to get back to our Office with the Following details:
Here is the contact details :
Full Name: Dr Lamido B. Sanusi
Email Address:

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