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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Job Scam > Fwd: DANNON Job Offer

Oh, I thought I would be deep in Yogurt, but I guess they are pretending to be a different company!  Regardless the same type of Job Scam I have mentioned 100 times before.   You process stolen money and you get arrested and are broke and in jail saying "I did not know!" but you did, you read it here. 

Also email goes to but there is not even a website there... if that is not a RED FLAG what is?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: DANNON <>
Date: Thu, May 5, 2011 at 3:45 AM
Subject: DANNON Job Offer

Dear Sir / Madam

   This is an opportunity to earn some extra income working as a consultant for our company which head office is located in France, called DANNON.
We found this medium as an opportunity to contact those that are  interested in working with our company.
   We received your information from jobs online agents.

To participate in a paid Mystery Shoppers program as one of the Research Personnel selected under this program. You will be working as a Consumer Service Evaluator of some selected merchant outlets and service providers. This research program is a fully paid program and would become a permanent part time position for a selected few who are able to distinguish themselves in the course of this program. You are being paid $500.00 as your salary for these first three assignments. You will be assigned different jobs every week, for each job assignment you will get paid different salary depend on the nature of the job.

* Earn up to $500  weekly
* This job takes only 3-5 hours in a week.
* You do not pay any form of taxes.

* First Name..................
* Last Name...............
* Mailing Address...............
* City..................
* State.................
* Zipcode...........
* Phone.................
* Email 1.................
* Email 2 (if you have)...............

  Qualified candidates must be 18 or over and have regular account. We pay salary via CHECK and need to be deposited for security reasons.
  Note, We do not require your account information, please, don`t send your bank details us.

Send requirements as soon as possible if you are interested. For more details,  e-mail us at:

Best Regards,


Reference: 10987913


CrowX2M said...

Check the site exists..

Anonymous said...

I received the check and deposited it into my account. Now i'm really worried. One of my friends actually FWD the email to me because she's doing it too. But now its scaring me.
What will happen? email me

David Sheeks said...

Call your bank and tell them that you were the victim of an illegal money scam. The company in question will write you a check higher than the payment amount. They ask you to write them a check back for the difference. By the time you find out their check is bad, they cashed yours and stole your money.

If you don't act NOW then chances are you could have your account closed, as the bank may think you are the one trying to scam them. Take the email you received, a copy of my message if you desire, and tell them the following:

I was the victim of a common internet fraud scheme, where a company writes a bogus check and asks the recipient to wire them a small amount back. I need the check I deposited marked as invalid and do not want it processed.

Hopefully they'll have heard of this scam HUNDREDS of times before and take quick action, saving you a bounced check fee and other troubles.

Anonymous said...

i recievec the same letter i havent deposited money. if i did hat would happen? what should i do?