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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mr.Tony Adams. - SCAM - Fwd: LETTER!!!

You know it is a scam because the Attorney is ONLY taking 20%... (HaHa!) 


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr.Tony Adams. <>
Date: 2011/5/15
Subject: LETTER!!!

KAS BANK. Suite 560 Salisbury House
London Wall Broadgate London
EC2M 5NU,United Kingdom
Tel: +447031859663
Dear Friend,

I am Mr.Tony Adams.Credit and Investment Director, Kas Bank, Suite 560 Salisbury House London Wall Broadgate London EC2M 5NU, United Kingdom. I handle all our Investor's Direct Capital Funds and secretly extract 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annum on each of the Investor's Capital Funds. As an expert, I have made above US$19.5Million from Investor's EMRCP and hereby looking for someone to trust who will stand as an Investor to receive the funds as Tenure Investment Proceeds.

Brief history of funds: I have more than 208 Corporate Investors attached to my portfolio whose Capital Investment Funds are being managed and administered by me. This Capital Investment Funds has a value of over US$19.2Billion. The US$19.2B is been used for trading in Stock Market, Crude Oil and Lending with Profit Returns. Every end of year, each corporate investor is expected to receive interest from his total Investment Capital Funds. However, I make an excess of 1.2% from the Investor's Investment Capital Funds annually which have exceeded our targeted 20% of Total Investment Capital Funds. This extra of 1.2% from the 21.2% is been retained by me as my personal profits for managing the Capital Investment.

However, I cannot claim these funds without presenting someone to stand as an Investor otherwise our establishment will convert the funds into the Government Treasury Account as unclaimed fund and the fund will be wasted. This is why I contacted you to seek your consent to present you as an Investor/next of kin so that our attorney will process all the legal documents in your name which will enable the bank release the fund US$19.5M to you, then we can share the money 40% for ME 40% for YOU and the remaining 20% for the attorney, as you know this is a deal between me and you and the attorney.

This is a fair deal without any risk attached either on your part or on my part as long as we comply with the laws governing the claiming of funds in our establishment. All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us sees this deal through, and with my position in the bank as a Credit Investment Director, I will do every thing possible to protect your interest and to make sure that everything went successfully.

If you are interested in this deal, kindly send me your complete information, your full names and address, Your Private telephone and Fax numbers, and Cell phone :

So that the attorney will start processing the necessary paperwork that would facilitate the release of the funds to you.

Best regards,
Tel: +447031859663
Mr.Tony Adams.

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