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Monday, August 29, 2011

Money Email Scam / Vietnam / Contact Her Immediately / Mrs Victorine Akouvi

I feel special, I think this is my first spam asking me to reply to Vietnam.  I wish to thank the Academy and all the people who voted!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr. James Walter Peters <>
Date: 2011/8/29
Subject: Contact Her Immediately.

Dear friend,
You might be surprised to get this e-mail from me. I am . Mr. James Walter  Peters  who sent you an e-mail in the past regarding a Multi-Million-Dollar business proposal which we started but never concluded due to lack of proper funding to pay-off the taxes and other related bank charges that the bank imposed on us.
I wish to inform you that the business had just been concluded with the assistance of another partner from India who financed the transaction to a logical conclusion. But I wish to inform you that I successfully transferred the fund out of my bank to my new partner's account in India who equally assisted me in this great venture.
Due to the effort, sincerity, courage and trust-worthiness you showed during the course of the transaction, I decided to compensate you by showing my sincerity and gratitude to you with the sum of $450,000 (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars). Though this was not the amount that we initially agreed on, but just accept this in good faith due to some unforeseen expenditure we incurred in the process.
However, I left an International Cashier's Cheque of $450,000 for you. This amount is cashable anywhere in the world. Therefore, contact my Account Officer, Mrs. Victorine Akouvi , on her private e-mail address at for the collection of your cheque. I authorized her to release the cheque to you when you contact her. Send to her your full names, phone number and your correct mailing address where you want her to mail the cheque for you. She will require the information for registering and mailing the cheque to you.
CONTACT: Mrs Victorine Akouvi
Account Officer,
Continental Bank Benin Sa
Avenue Jean Paul II
BP 01
Cotonou,  2020
E-mail address:
At the moment, I am in Pretoria, South Africa because of some investment projects, which my new partner and I have. Please adhere strictly to the directives of Mrs Victorine Akouvi so that she will send the cheque to you without any hitch or delay.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you receive the cheque.
Best regards,
Mr. James Walter  Peters

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