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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Money Scam - FW: OFID Grant Notification

You do NOT get a GRANT unless you apply for a grant from a valid source. Any unsolicited GRANT emails or Student Loan emails are SCAMS. Avoid.

Any time any company requires you to SEND money before receiving money is usually a scam. Exceptions would be refinancing or doing a loan modification on a house may require 1-2 points, etc.

-----Original Message-----
From: OFID []
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 7:11 PM
Subject: OFID Grant Notification

Dear Sir/Madam,
The sum of £745,816 British Pounds Sterling has been awarded to you as Grant Donation/Award from OFID. Contact Mr. Fred Thickins by replying to this notification.
Your Grant Qualification Code ( OFID/SAJ01/OGA2/55 )


Anonymous said...

Here we are 4 years later and they are still trying to pull the same stunt. They just sent us an almost identical email


Anonymous said...

I just got this, too. The email is identical except the name & numbers

Anonymous said...

Just received one of these. Who would fall for it?

Anonymous said...

"You have been chosen by OFID to receive the sum of £867,320 GBP as Grant. For details, reply to contact your Agent, Mr. Martin Pyke. NB: Your Qualification Code ( OFID/BE3C91/APO9/N77 )"

Just received this.

Anonymous said...

I also received the $867k offer thanks for your clarification since I did not apply.

earl t bird said...

June 2, 2015 I just received this offer in Canada.

Anonymous said...

also received in Ontario, July 2105.

OFID Grant Award to you
You have been selected by OFID to receive the sum of £867,320 GBP as Grant. Reply to this notification to contact your Agent, Mr. Martin Pyke.
NB: Qualification Code ( OFID/UK4L01/OAP13/N55 )

Anonymous said...

He added his position as a secretary of ofid. He really believe people will not verify when the organisations name is added

Anonymous said...

Received in Virginia on 18 July 2015:

OFID has selected you to receive the Grant sum of £867,320 GBP. Respond to contact your Agent, Mr. Martin Pyke.
Note: Your Qualification Code ( OFID/EG10G66/GAP7/N21 )

Which is funny, because:
1) I never applied for a grant,
2) I don't know what OFID is, and
3) why would I be receiving in grant in pounds sterling rather than American dollars?

These folks need to do a better job coordinating the data in their scam E-mails before they send 'em. Sometimes they just make them too easy to spot.