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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mr. Mensah Addo - Good Day Scam

Yea, me a NY Jew, was left $1billiontrilliongadzillion dollars from a good christian from Africa.  Happens every day, right after the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders do a naked dance in my room! 


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mensah Addo <>
Date: 2011/9/3
Subject: GOOD DAY

From; Mr. Mensah Addo.
The Regional Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana,
Tamale Branch.

Dear Friend,
I wish to contact you on a good business which I want you to assist me and receive this fund into your bank account in your country from the good report received about you and believing that this will really work out between both of us.

I am the regional manager of Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana Ltd in Tamale branch, a family man, devoted Christian and a man of peace. I discovered this money eight million two hundred and ten thousand united state dollars (USD$ On the course of the last year 2010 business financial report and I have packaged a transaction that will benefit you and I, as the regional manager of Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana Tamale branch, it is my duty to send in a financial report to my head office in the capital city Accra at the end of each business year.

I have placed this funds on what we call escrow call account with no beneficiary. As an officer of this bank I cannot be directly connected to this money, so my aim of contacting you is to assist me receive this money in your bank account and get 37% of the total funds as commission.

Please there is no risk involved, if you can work with my instructions and this business will be a bank-to-bank transfer, all I need from you is to stand as the original depositor of the said fund who made the deposit with my branch so that my head office can order the transfer to your designated bank account.

If you accept to work with me on trust I will appreciate it very much.

I wait your response as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Mr. Mensah Addo,

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