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Friday, February 22, 2008

Using HIV Research to Scam!

Using HIV Research to Scam!

Received an email / letter from a Professor C. Redmond a researcher for HIV immunology from London and the William Harvey Research Institute a very well respected and well funded legitimate organization in the UK.

The letter in a nutshell basically says that they are receiving a lot of donations, some significant and they need a sponsor in the USA to receive the money, deposit it, keep a percent (10%) for themselves and then wire the balance to them in the UK. Well the William Harvey Research Institute spends 10’s of millions of pounds each year on research and is well funded and of course they need me in Oregon to help them by washing their funds in the USA.

Here is their basic request:

Job Specifics:

1. Collection of Donations / Payments

2. Cashing of Donations / Payments

3. Deduction of commission 10% per donation/payment received

4. Sending cashed donation/payments to the institute following Our Instruction.

5. Keeping Record of each donation / payment received and sent.

But yet there is more, because after two months of good service we will be invited on an all expense paid trip to visit the institute in the UK as a bonus.

The email and host of this scam come though a newly registered website called We cannot be sure the owner of the site is involved in the scam, but since the website is not yet online and is just a shell it is quite scary. Here is the info for this domain.

Admin Name........... DEBBIE MARSHALL

Admin Address........ KNOLL DR

Admin Address........ essex

Admin Address........ rm82be

Admin Address........ ln

Admin Address........ GREAT BRITAIN (UK)

Admin Email..........

Admin Phone.......... (044) 7031931662

There is a website that already talks about scam and the many scams coming out of this domain.

An obvious scam, need we say more, you receive bad checks, you deposit the checks, wire the balance out and then in a week or so your account is overdrawn and you lost all your money. Really sad they are using HIV research as a way to scam people.

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