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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Wow, never been so lucky in my life, I win a lottery almost every day now.  I think a trip to Vegas is in my future! 

I love this phrase " Great British Pounds "  What makes them so great?   I have some here, I used to live in England, so I keep some in my wallet in case I need to go back, I have Euro's too, but none of them are that great.  I guess if they are free they are pretty great.

Why are we emailing china to win a lottery from England?

Why is the return address a .gov address, but when we need to contact them we should email a .cn address?

Plus they sent the email to, who is that?  Not me, that is for sure.

Scanned copy of my identity, I should email them a joke license with a picture of bugs bunny on it.   Really, would someone actually scan their drivers license and send it to china?  Really?

What an obvious bad scam.


From: Young-Kee Kim []
Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2010 5:17 AM


Congratulations your email just won you the Year 2010 British INTERNATIONAL ONLINE PROMOTION which is the sum of 750,000.00 Great British Pounds through a computer email draw with a Ticket number 56475600545 188 and you are advice to contact our below staff for claims Contact;Mr. George Smith  For Claims, We require you fill this form and return to your claims agent immediately.
Name(In Full):...........
Phone Number (Home):.............
Office Number:..........
Present Occupation:.........
Scanned Copy Of your Identity:.........
Sincerely yours,
Young-Kee Kim..

Friday, October 29, 2010

Miss Nadia Hasham Ibrahim - 419 Nigerian Scam

Love this message.. my favorites are the words


I would be happy to take her dad's money for her if she was not such a bad spellar (sic).

Of course a very typical scam we covered 100 times already.



Thanks so much for your reply.

Dear, it is with profound respect and humble submission,I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration, I hope you will spare some of your valuable minutes to read the following appeal with sympathetic mind. I must confess that it is with great hopes, joy and enthusiasm that I write you this mail which I know and believe by the faith that it must surely find you in good condition of health.

My name is Miss Nadia  Hasham Ibrahim, I am the only Daughter of my late parents Mr.and Mrs Hasham Ibrahim. My father was a highly reputable business magnet who operated in the South Sudan during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad on the 20th May 2008. Though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of mine who travelled with him at that time. But Allah knows the truth. My mother died when I was just 6yrs old, and since then my father took me so special.

Before the death of my father on May 2008, he told me that he made a fixed deposit for the sum of $6.2Million US Dollars  in the Bank with my name as his next of kin. I am 23 years old and a university undergraduate and really don't know what to do. Now I want an honest and Allah fearing partner overseas who I can transfer this money with his assistance and after you receive the money into his account, I will relocate and reside permanently in your country where I have decided to spend all the rest of my life. The reason is because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis before I left Sudan for Burkina Faso where I am presently living. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. Hence I want to settle down my life with you, I will also want to invest the fund under your care because I am ignorant of business world.

I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded. Now permit me to ask these few questions:

1. Can you honestly help me from your heart?
2. Can I completely trust you?
3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money has being transfeered to your account?

Please, consider this and get back to me as soon as possible. Immedaitely I confirm your willingness, I will send to you my Picture and also inform you more details involved in this matter.

Anticipating hearing from you soon.
Thanks and may Allah bless you for your concern to help an orphan like me.

Kind Regards,
Nadia Hasham Ibrahim.

DHL Money Scam

Besides just being obvious, why would DHL use an email at

Also why would we be contacting a Dr. at DHL, they are now hiring people with a PHD to handle delivery services?

Also what does the word demurrage (sic) mean?

Why don't they know our names if they just sent us a $2.5M check?

The scam is simple, you have to wire the fees to get your check, you lose the money you send, up to 10% of the value of the award, so up to $250K, so they really to soak you and keep saying more fees and more fees, etc.. then they disappear.


Dearest Good Friend

I have been sending emails to you since Monday 25th October the day I paid the re-activation fee and the delivery of your PACKAGE to you. I paid it because the cheque{$2.5M} has few days to expire and when it expires it will go into Government purse, then I decided to help you pay the money so that the PACKAGE WORTH OF $2.5 MILLION will be delivered to you via customs diplomatic means, because I know when you get your PACKAGE definitely you must pay me back the money I have spent and even reward me for good work in helping you. Now I want you to contact DHL Express Service Customer Service Office, and re-confirm to them your full Contact information's such as,
Full name:..................
Delivery address:.............
Cell/Private Tel #:.............
Home/Office Tel #:................
Country: .............................
You have to contact them today so that they can deliver your Package to your destination address without any delay. Like I stated earlier, The delivery charges has been paid but I did not pay their official storage charges since they refused because they do not know when you are going to contact them and demurrage might have increased by then. They told me that their official storage charges per day are €25 euros and I deposited it on Monday 25th October, this week. Below is their Contact Information's, Dhl Express Service Customer Service Office.
Name: Dr. Daniel Seki
Phone: 00229-9883-1197
Contact them Today to avoid increase of their official handling charges and let me know once you receive your package, also indicate this Registration CODE N°² {DKLEUB119} once you contacted them.
Engr. J. Hernandez


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I took all the photos out of this one, just pictures of money and people holding large checks.  They even misspelled Incorporation on the first line.  That should be the biggest hint of all.  Plus MSN is now BING and they certainly are not in partnership with Yahoo.  On top of it, if you won a prize, why don't they know who you are?  There are more typos and grammar issues throughout.  A spell check may have helped this scammer, but not much, it is way to obvious.



            PO BOX 10080 BANGKOK,

              L70 1NL THAILAND


The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Incorporation

PO Box 10080 Bangkok,

L70 1NL, Thailand.


File REF No: UKL/74-A0802742009,

BATCH No: 2009UKL-01.

Ticket No: 22-1356-4096-988,


Dear Lucky Winner,


This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great Britain pounds (Ј750,000.00 pounds  sterling's) for the 3rd quarter 2010 Lottery promotion which is organized by MSN/YAHOO LOTTERY INCLIVE in conjunction with the MICROSOFT WINDOWS.MSN / YAHOO WINDOWS, collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed  to Yahoo, Hotmail and various Microsoft window users, we only select five people as our winners, through electronic balloting System. Without the winner applying.


Msn/Yahoo Lottery Prize must be claimed not later than 4 days from the date of this Notification after the Draw date in which Prize has won. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.


Our Event Manager will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program, Please be warned.


Attached here is the claim verification and funds release form. You are expected to fill and submit to the Event manager.  




1. FULL NAMES: ____________________,

2. NATIONALITY: ___________________,

3. SEX: ___________________________,

4. CONTACT ADDRESS: _______________,

5. TELEPHONE NUMBER: ______________,


COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL: _______________,


8. WINNING NUMBERS: ________________,

9. TOTAL AMOUNT WON: ______________.


Endeavour to immediately send me your full names, winning numbers, email/billing address, telephone and fax numbers via the same (winning email). You are therefore requested to contact immediately our Claims Department below quoting winning number: LOTTERY NUMBER: 05-08-10-18-20-46-{43}.



Dr. Koram Pinit



Foreign Services Manager,

Processing Department,


Tel:  +66-886547612


Once again congratulations...

(Msn/Yahoo Lottery Games/Lottery Coordinator.)

Copyright (c) 1995-2010

The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Inc.

SCAM > FedEx Notification

Not much to say about this one, typical issue, you have money coming however you have wire money for taxes, duties, transportation, or shipping fees.  Whatever you wire is profit for the scammer, and then of course you don't hear anything again, they stop responding to the emails and then switch emails and start all over with a host of new victims.


-----Original Message-----
From: FedEx Notification []
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 5:27 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: FedEx Notification


Please contact us back with the below information for the delivery of

your draft of $800,000.00 ( Eight Hundred Thousand) usd.


1.First name:

2.Last Name:








Your replies must be sent to this address. (


FedEx Award Team.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Employment Scam - Online Accounts Clerk -

Common scam with many different outcomes, anything from being arrested for wire or credit card fraud, to being bankrupt because your assets are drained.  The only less than getting arrested that could happen is when you start forwarding on cash, you find that the checks and money orders were all fake or generated on stolen credit cards and you only lose a few thousand dollars from having to pay back your bank. 

There are no positive outcomes from this.  I have heard of people trying to swindle the scammers, however it does not work, as the first time you try to twist this around, you may already be committing a crime by accepting stolen or forged documents.

Run far, run fast.


2010/10/26 MR JOHN { EMPLOYMENT } <>
Employment Confirmation .

Dear Work's.

We are in searching for an Online Accounts Clerk. Salary payment will be taking bi-week or a month, and you will be at least working 5days a week.No Selling or Marketing or commission.No registration or sign up fee.Work from home.Responsibilities: Printing Payroll / Mailing out Payroll to customers and staffs Making out and Receiving payments Attending contract seminars on the company's behalf.

Any other related duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Accountant. UPS, FEDEX, OR DHL Let me know if you have all the Corrie service outlet around you.things will work out fine and we can start this any moment from now all depend on you...Requirements:A high school or diploma, preferably with courses in Accounting,Mathematics and Computer applications, with none or one year work experience;Should be self-motivated, committed and possess good communication Skills: Computer literate in Microsoft Office Experienced in working with money.

We need someone that can spend at least 4hours on computer with the work coordinator everyday.Extensive experience in dealing with the public.Let me know if you have any office printer in your reply ok

Below are the materials you will buy to start printing Payroll and mail out to our clients.( Versa Check Silver Software 2008 ) Business Checks Paper, Envelopes) m300 printer that is if you don't have a is provided how to operate the materials once you have bought it.whatever you spend to buy the materials is also refundable once you have start working.

We have 2 method of payment either Western Union or Money Gram.just let me know in your reply the payment method you like.and this jobs pay $400/500- month plus some allowance.NB: Compensation and monthly allowance are been allocated to staffs that puts in there best abilities when performing there jobs. I 'll look forward to hear from you soon.

Below are the questions i have for you:
will you tell us a little about your accommodation?
we you be able to handle this job and start printing and mailing out?
who will be helping you in doing this or you will be doing it alone?
is any of this corrie UPS, FEDEX, OR DHL around you?

If you are an interested applicant forward your resume/ CV to (  )

Best Of Regards.

Mr Joe Tyroll

Co address,
Lai Chi Kok MTR Station Exit B1, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Unit 01, 2/F., Block A,
Wing Kut Industrial Building,
Nos. 68 Castle Peak Road,
Lai Chi Kok,Kowloon,HK  :
Tel/Fax No.: (852) 23112343

Employment Notification... Apply Now ... !

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fwd: ATM 822 - - Scam

See, I am not sure, is this Six Million or Six Billion, the ,00 at the end is a comma and not a .00 (period), so if basic math serves me right I just got 6 Billion... Yippee!

Scam of course!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: House Of Assembly <>
Date: 2010/7/19
Subject: ATM 822

$6,800,000,00 USD ATM card payment accredited ATM/13470/,have been
approved in your favor.
You are to Come with
Your full name,
phone number,
id card,
country contact,


Mr David Mark.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cell Phone Racket : Job - Office assistant - Spire Hiring HR

Wow, what a scam... they send you to this goofy IQ site, where you need to sign up using your mobile phone, where they bill you 9.95 for the 1st month and $14.95 each month for their service.  What a racket

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Samantha Regent <>
Date: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 3:52 PM
Subject: Job - Office assistant - Spire Hiring HR

Hi, your resume crossed my desk today, and I am glad to say that I would like to interview you for an office assistant position.  We are scheduling interviews for Monday afternoon since this week is expected to be quite busy. The last requirement we have of you is that you take our recommended IQ test at (removed for safety) and email your results to, our minimum score for employment is 105 but considering your resume you should have absolutely no trouble reaching this.. The test is about 10 mins and we are expecting that you will be able to have this to us before Friday and I will personally call you to schedule your interview afterwards. Once again, thank you for considering this position and we look forward to making a long-term work relationship possible from this.

Samantha Regent
Spire Hiring HR dept.

FREE $1,000 WalMart Gift Card FW: October Newsletter

Couple things, no one is giving out $1000 gift card no matter what.

This came with an attachemnt that could easily be a virus or trojan horse.

If there was a valid form, most likely it would be something revealing
private info to steal your identity.

Avoid these scams at all cost, could cost you your computer, your identity
and/or a lot of money

-----Original Message-----
From: Member Center []
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 11:42 AM
Subject: October Newsletter


Could you use an extra $1,000? Register to receive a $1,000 WalMart Gift

Register today and learn how to save 50% on your health coverage!

>> Fill out the attached form to request a FREE
quote & Get a FREE $1,000 WalMart Gift Card!<<

No Purchase Necessary!

Tom Johnson
The Insurance Authority
New Member Relations Dept.

SCAM -- Find new work - id \ 1288013790...

Job Scam, They will move money with fake or stolen credit cards, or extract money from stolen bank accounts. Send you checks and/or money order and/or cash and ask you to keep some and forward the rest onto other people and/or companies.

Several bad things will happen or could happen, at least one of these will happen.

1. Your bank will tell you that the deposits are fake, and you will now be responsible for all the money you withdrew and sent onward.

2. The police or federal agents will come break down the door and arrest you for wire fraud, and you will have your assets frozen and big lawyer fees, if and when you get bonded out of jail.

Avoid these scams.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Amos Palmer <>
Date: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 6:30 AM
Subject: Find new work - id \ 1288013790...
To: (removed)

Good day,
We are asking you to pay attention because of the fact that PMO assistance group company recruiting department has chosen you as a possible candidate.

PMO assistance group company offers a position to United States citizens.

PMO assistance group company head quarter is located in Poland, city Warsaw.
Since the year 2004 we operate worldwide on the precious metal market.
PMO assistance group clients from Europe and US purchase different types of precious metals, selling or exchanging precious metals or making any kind of investments into certificates or stocks.

This particular offer is for people who live in United States.
We provide the vacancy for financial department employee position. The duties will include performing financial operations for the company, handling payment process for our customers. The position is remote and can be done as a part time job. We provide the fixed monthly salary of $5,500 fixed plus the per cents from the each deal. There is a possibility of a carrier growth. There is a flexible schedule and hours of work (up to 20 hours of work per week in average for the employee).

Taxes are 1099'd each year, the vacation is two times per year - paid. PMO assistance group provides the bonus electronics to ensure the cooperation quality to all employees after first two trial months of work. ( Apple iPhones 4 and Mac laptops, Blackberries and Sony Vaio laptops).

We do not work with checks, money orders or any suspicion facilities for safety purposes.
PMO assistance group has recommended itself as a valuable market player from Europe with the strongest security system.

PMO assistance group is waiting for you to join us. We are looking forward to cooperate with intelligent and responsible individuals who have/are:

-Based in United States
-18 years minimum age
-Clean record
-Normal business hours internet access
-Primary bank account operations knowledge

The vacancies have limits.

Please, reply back.

Have a good day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

With Due Respect.

Wow, great, we were just in a car accident on Saturday and the other driver totaled my car!  Now I get 11.3 Million!  Whoopie.. what a crock.


From: David Zuma []
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2010 4:37 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: With Due Respect.



For your kind attention, I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of $11.3million to your private account. This money has been here in our Bank lying dormant for years now without anybody coming for the claim of it.

I want to release the money to you as the relative to our deceased customer(the account owner) who died a long with her supposed next of kin since 31 January 2000.

By indicating your interest I will send you the full details on how the business will be executed.

Please respond urgently and delete if you are not interested.

Best wishes to you and your family.

David Zuma.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wow... 5.8 Mil and they forgot my name! 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr.Peter Okafor <>
Date: 2010/10/23
To: 100

Attn: Beneficiary,
We wish to inform you that the diplomatic agent conveying the consignment box valued the sum of $5.8Million United States Dollars misplaced your address and he is currently stranded at your International airport now. We required you reconfirm the following informations below so that he can deliver your consignment box to you today.
NAME: ============
ADDRESS: =========
MOBILE NO.:================
Please do contact the diplomatic agent with the email below with the informations required. Contact Person Mr.John Eric Please try and reach him with his Number:  202-506-9848 or via email:(  ) He is waiting to hear from you today with the informations.NOTE : The Diplomatic agent does not know that the content of the consignment box is $5.8Millions United States Dollars and on no circumstances should you let him know the content. The consignments was moved from here as family treasures, so never allow him to open the box.
Mr. Peter Okafor