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Saturday, March 19, 2011


To (No one) Greetings (Fellow) Just a mess... ignore, mark as spam and move on. 


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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gen. A. A. BIN-ZAFAR <>
Date: 2011/3/18

Greetings fellow.

I am General Ahmed Abdullahi Bin-Zafar of the Libyan Military. I am sorry I have to put this story short because of time. I have watched the incumbent president stash away over US$140billion through relatives and few friends abroad, please watch  or  other media telecast covering the invents and present happening in Libya. With my position I need not to be told that I have to use this opportunity to secure my own future. I am contacting you to assist me because I came in to one of the west African country through the diplomatic channel with a consignment worth of US$45Million which I want you to take hold of in your country as I will soon resign from this work and war going on in Libya because I am not in support of Gaddafi's action to his fellow countrymen but since I can not change his ideas, I have to find my own way.

Contact me immediate by email so that I can introduce/link you to my attorney who knows where I deposited the consignment funds because I have to leave for Libya as soon as possible. The attorney will guard you through all the legal process and to protect our both financial interest. You shall be entitled 20% of these funds on completion of transfer to your bank account.

Be rest assured that this communication is totally free from all risks. Above all I want you to keep this highly confidential, if you feel you can't do it please delete this letter for good.

Allah Bless You.
General Ahmed Abdullahi Bin-Zafar

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