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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Email Money Scam: Accepting and Trusting You!!! Mrs. Margaret Kelly

I am really getting tired of the same old scam... can't someone be holding my grandmother hostage or something.  Just something new to pick up my day would be great!  

Old Old Scam! 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mrs. Margaret Kelly <>
Date: 2011/9/10
Subject: Accepting and Trusting You!!!

Dear Good Friend

Peace is unto you as you read this letter. My Instinct tells me that I can trust you by my proposition. My late husband got your contact through a diplomat that was attached to the information and public affairs of the foreign mission when he was alive and instructed me to contact you for this humanitarian assistance and My Instinct directed me to send this money to you for this purpose.

I am a widow and a devoted Christian, my name is MRS MARGARET KELLY from UNITED KINGDOM. Since my husband died, I have been suffering from arthritics and lately doctors have diagnosed me with terminal cancer that left me with approximately twelve months to live. I am currently on wheelchair and being looked after by a nurse and some of my late husband's relatives in turns.

Before my husband died, he left some money to the tone of USD$2,500,000,00(Two million, five hundred thousand dollars) and he made me promised him that it should be used for humanitarian work, because we have no children and he doesn't want his brothers to lay hands on it, since they dont Have same faith with us they have a different vision. This money is currently in a vault with a security company/bank in EUROPE.

If you will promise me that you will use this money to achieve the wish of my husband and me, then I will instruct the security company/bank to release the content of the vault in your name. For now, we cannot discuss this on the telephone to maintain confidentiality since my husband's family is around me round the clock.

Reply me through my email address for us to discuss so that you can go and claim this money before I die.
Remain blessed, as you will devote out your time for this trusted work. Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Mrs. Margaret Kelly

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