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Thursday, March 13, 2008

SCAM > St James's Roman Catholic Church (WORK FOR THE LORD)

Speaks for itself, what a sad state of affairs to title a scam "Work for the

-----Original Message-----
From: Rev. Fr. Mathew Caudill []
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 11:31 PM
Subject: St James's Roman Catholic Church (WORK FOR THE LORD)

To the glory of God,I have made donations to orphanages in Sudan, South
Africa, Cameroon, Mozambique and Liberia, Nigeria Both in kind or Cash.
Before my present state of health,which made me to contact you in a bid to
keep this worthy course alive as a good fellow. My 45yrs missionary
experience here has proved to me that none African is worth leaving this
project at his mercy or else it will turn to a family thing.But sadly it
will be imperative to let you know that my health has deteriorated badly
lately. I have been going through series of illness from auditory (hearing),
multiple sclerosis and cancer of the liver.

I require your absolute trust and sincerity and lets us both work for the
lord and make couple of less privillege happy before going to heaven. All
you have to do is just please be my associate in this lord's course as i
have solicited for support and fund raising within the usa and i have alot
of christian brothers/sisters, companies and multinational industries that
have decided to give out fund and donate to support this project.

AS my partner, donation within USA would be made to you ranging from $3000
upwards/Non Americans $2500 upwards.There are several listed churches and
charity organisations and NGO's in Africa that i have listed as
beneficiaries of the donations. Immediately you get such fund donated
through you.

I will provide Pastors and directors of motherless homes in africa which you
will send the money to after you have deducted your 20% compensation .Also
note that you are entitled to 20% on every payment made to you.If you are
interested kindly provide the below information for immediate commencement
of the project.

1.Full name
2. Current Residence Address
3.Telephone/ Fax
4.Marital Status/5.Date of Birth

I will be going to the hospital anytime soon for a major operations. Except
it pleases God, the chance of my survival is slim. I have been led by the
spirit to contact you having the hope that you will handle this project well
to the glory of God.I wait for your response to accept this offer to show
tenderness,love and mercy to the less previlleged people in your country &
other places around the globe as directed by the spirit of God in you.
''Our God is Good all the time...and all the time our God is good''You will
find fullfillment in doing this as there is joy in doing a worthy course as
this,While I await your response,

May the peace of God abide with you and your family,through Jesus Christ our
lord! Amen.

Stay Blessed.

Fr. Mathew Caudill

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