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Sunday, June 29, 2008

DT-systems Ltd - Money & Wire Transfer Scam

Wow, another big import / export company using gmail for their corporate email. Amazing and unbelievable (really). I guess $14.95 for domain name and $50 a year for hosting is too much for a big international import / export company... no wonder they need our help.

Obviously a total fraud, you would lose the money, you are cashing bogus checks and you are on the hook. Not only is it risky, but depending on how they do this scam you can be arrested for fraud and theft.



REGIONAL PAYMENT RECEIVING AGENT NEEDED DT-systems Ltd. is based in Lithuania. We specialize in exportation and importation.

We export our products to North America, South America, Eastern and Western Europe and Southern Asia.
We are looking for a payment representative in UK, USA and Canada. Salary is 10% of every payment you receive on our behalf.
All charges such as tax and fe_es will be deducted from the balance 90%.

For this job position you have to provide with your bank account information.
Note: Even if you have a real job, you can be part of our business anyway as your regular and part-time job can be easily combined, your work for our company will not disturb your regular work.

If you are interested in this opportuni1y please send out your contact information to our company email:
1)Your Full names:
2)Your Address.
3)Postal code:
4)Home/office phone number:
5)cell phone number
Your address should be correct and complete (including your state and country) because you will also be receiving cheques to your address.

Attention ! Please write only to this email : Managers of our company will come in contact with you as soon as possible.
Having received the information, we will give you a contract, in which the responsibility of both sides is fixed.

HR manager
Jonas Varnas

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