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Sunday, June 29, 2008

United Nations Home Equity Relief - Scheme / Scam

Nice of them to say right in the description that it is scheme, not their intent I am sure, but it is there never the less "first ever global Home Equity assistance scheme".

Regardless, this is a scam, of course the United Nations has nothing better to do with their time, especially now when the world is at peace than to give away money to help other with their homes, equity and income.

They basically tell you in the email that they will scam money by giving you x.xx dollars and then you wire the balance back, of course the check is fake and after you send the funds you will lose the funds you sent and owe your bank the full value.

email came from


United Nations Home Equity Relief
309 Hay's Lane
London SE1 2HB

Dear Friend,

My name is Mrs. Sarah Hills, the Director of the United Nations Home Equity Relief. Our global head office is located as mentioned above.

The United Nations Home Equity Relief in conjunction with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is embarking on its first ever global Home Equity assistance scheme; a risk free financial windfall for interested participants who currently own a house.

You MUST be a home owner who currently has a Home Equity Line of Credit Account with any reputable institution in America. Being a home owner alone will qualify you to participate as you are expected to have a Home Equity Line of Credit current at this moment.

We are looking for interested participants who will help receive payments on our behalf from our teaming individual and corporate sponsors who are about to start funding our global charitable activities.

If you are interested in participating, we shall inform any of individual or cooperate sponsors/donors to make payments to us through your account. You will be required to take 20% of each deposit and send the rest (the remaining 80%) to any of our authorized agent's account. It will be a tax-free transaction.

Please if you are not a home owner with a current Home Equity Line of Credit Account, do NOT reply this mail. Note that this is not a lottery and no fees will be required from you. Note also that a mortgage account, checking, savings or money market account is not required. It must be a Home Equity Line of Credit Account.

Reply with your full names and your contact number so that our seasoned coordinator in New York can contact for more guide.

Thanks for your anticipated participation.


Mrs Sarah Hills

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